9. August 2016: Dienstag


  • Nightly Update: We have a few issues
  • Accounts: No issues.
  • Issues:
    • Wrong Surname: Found, patched up.
    • 09G without enough info to be found – asking HR for help.
      • HR got the student id number for me.
      • All good – set it up to be merged tonight.
  • Development:
    • Sixth and final LDAP replica upgraded to RHEL7
    • Performed cleanup on files left scattered about on these systems


  • Save Groups:
    • COMIS SQL-SHAREPOINT failed (after 2 days 5 hours) this morning.
      • Assumed it had rebooted – nope.
      • powersnap service not running – but not needed.
      • Reading the log, it reports directories it couldn’t backup, but was successful.
      • Apparently, the owner removed 6TB of unneeded SQL backups???
  • Clones:
    • DISK completed at 12:19.
  • Tape contineus.

  • Tapes:
    • Repaired bad retention times on fourteen SSIDs on five tapes.
    • Added 40 tapes to the Scratch pool.
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