27. Juli 2016: Mittwoch


  • Nightly Update: One new issue
  • Accounts: No issues
  • Issues:
    • Wrong surname in single item match
      • I suspect a typo. Checking with the Registrar’s office for confirmation.
      • Registrar confirms a typo, it is corrected. I have merged the data.


  • Save Groups:
  • Clones:
    • COMIS clones finished at 21:41 last night.
    • FSGen3 clones finished at 12:44 today.
  • Tapes: Reclaimed one (1) tape for the vaults.
  • Issues:
    • Drive 1310275088 (*a0098) /dev/nst1 on sn2: many short writes. Qualstar RMA # 50299
  • Development:
    • Tape Library Upgrade planning: Ironing out some wrinkles…


  • Simple request to admin causes 30 minutes of no outgoing email. UGH!


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