21. Juli 2016: Donnerstag


  • Nightly Update: No issues.
  • Accounts: No issues.
  • Issues:
    • RHEL7 Performance:
      • Waiting another day to see how well the load is balanced now.
  • Development:
    • Added check_tcp6 nagios check command.
    • Added LDAP_BLESSED_IPv6 check using check_tcp6.
    • Convert Nagios Checks to use $_HOSTV6ADDRESS$ instead of $HOSTNAME$
      to make certain it hits the IPv6 address for the host.


  • Save Groups: No issues.
  • Clones:
    • TAPE: working on the last 6TB of 8 of 9.
  • Tapes:
    • Ejecting 162 full tapes for vaults.
  • Issues:
    • RMA # 50292: Another damper gear shattered.
      • Replacement gear and tech being dispatched.
  • Development:
      Waiting for tape clones to complete before adding FSGen3 clone rules.


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