20. Juli 2016: Mittwoch


  • Nightly Update: No issues.
  • Accounts: No issues.
  • Issues:
    • RHEL7 Performance:
      • EXT4 and systemd-journald changes show no improvement at all.
      • Discovered that the F5 load balancers have removed the three RHEL7 boxes because nginx was only doing IPv4.
      • Changed the nginx.conf by adding “listen [::]:_port_” to get it to listen on IPv4 and IPv6!
  • Projects:
    • Abandoned Departmental Accounts:
      • One ore crawls out of the woodwork – that makes four.


  • Save Groups:
    • No problems with last night’s backups.
    • Changing FSGen3 backups to go to AFTD.
  • Clones: Tape still chugging
  • Development:
    • Updating staging/cloning/reporting to get new AFTDs on 5 & 9


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