19. Juli 2016: Dienstag


  • Nightly Update: No issues
  • Accounts: No issues
  • Issues:
    • RHEL7 Performance:
      • Convert LDAPDB filesystems to EXT4 – snowyowl, no real change, yet.
      • Customize systemd-journald options – pacarana, no real change, yet.
    • Duplicate Account: Did the adduser, merge, purge, stub plan
  • Projects:
    • Abandoned Departmental Accounts:
      • Working with IAM to reactivate the ones crawling out of the woodwork.
      • Three reactivated.
      • One needs email and one justifies a MySQL account


  • Save Groups: One failure due to stupid alias problem – fixed, reran.
  • Clones:
    • Started at 07:24
    • COMIS completed at 11:31
    • DISK completed at 15:22
  • Tapes: Moved 40 tapes into Scratch
  • Development:
    • Setting up bujbodv1 to hold bootstrap clones in remote datacenter.


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