27. Mai 2016: Freitag


  • Nightly Update: Four new issues
  • Accounts: No new issues.
  • Issues:
    • Resolved all four new issues.
    • One remaining issue: OSP wrong name right SSN – waiting for response.
  • Development:
    • LDAPv2 Binds:
      • Set up LDAP-IPv4 and LDAP-IPv6 nagios services, with ldap11 as victim.
      • Removed “allow bind_v2” configuration option on ldap11.
      • Verified nagios is still happy
      • Need to determine if anything other than nagios is using v2 binds


    • Save Groups: No problems!
    • Clones:
    • Tapes: Reclaimed one (1) tape for the vaults.
    • Issues:
      • 60 tapes with long retentions: Fixed the 340 SSIDS that nsrclone munged.


    • A departmental account, purged in March is required…
      • but not requested by the owner. Full Stop!
      • Owner approves – manual recovery performed.


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