23. Mai 2016: Montag


  • Nightly Update: No new issues
  • Accounts: No issues
  • Issues:
    • Waiting on OSP response about wrong name on SSN.
  • Development:
    • Have to repave the two MMR and nuke the replica because
      the entryUUID values are out of sync otherwise.
    • Talking with BPRT about maildrop postalAddress values in PeopleSoft


  • Save Groups: No failures!
  • Clones: Started
  • Issues:
    • EMC SR #79395442: IPv6 service address:
      • EMC responds with generalities about IPv6 networking
      • Suggested they might want to do a webex and I can show them the problem.
  • Backup Maintenance:
    • Upgraded servers to
    • Did not fix broken aliases – will harvest new crop in the morning.


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