22. April 2016: Freitag


  • Nightly Update: No new issues.
  • Accounts: No issues in 15 new accounts.
  • Issues:
    • IAM: rename a departmental account; but keep the same NetID. Huh???
  • Development:
    • LookAside stored in LDAP: A little log cleanup – continue monitoring.


  • Save Groups:
    • Failures: dpm1’s C drive, med23’s O drive
  • Clones:
    • Tape: Working on 9.5TB with 5.3TB left afterward.
    • CoM/IS: Working on last 12.6TB.
    • Issued abort request for each of them.
  • Tapes: Moved 40 tapes into the Scratch pool.
  • Issues:
    • EMC ETA 481089: Opening issue with EMC to discuss.
      • Opened at 8:47am.
      • EMC has me show the mminfo output for a single client/saveset!
      • EMC begged off at 10:08 saying they needed to get an expert involved.
      • EMC should be sending email shortly
      • Chat closed at 10:09.


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