15. April 2016: Freitag


  • Nightly Update: One (1) new issue.
  • Accounts: No errors in 43 new accounts.
  • Issues:
    • OSP new person – wrong last name. Bah – merged it and created the new account.
    • It appears that people who should be removed from groupOfNames groups are not being removed:
      • Tracing the code to see why:
        • The Net::LDAP::Entry code has become case sensitive!
        • Fix is to do case insensitive matches to find the bugger and then delete it.
        • Ouch! Net::LDAP::Entry is doing the right thing for matching ou. The ou attribute is case sensitive.
    • Monthly Account purge used the wrong template to send Lifetime Email messages! DOH!
  • Development:
    • Adding lookaside-in-ous patches to ldap6dev:
      • patches applied – but no time for testing – testing has to wait.


  • Save Groups:
    • Failures:
      • boli, dragonfish: Powered off – decomission
      • dpm1 – Yeah, VSS not happy with that system.
      • med23 – disks O – VSS error.
      • MED23 D – group finally finished at 0226 today! EGAD!
  • Issues:
    • Machines powered off without warning: removed them.


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