11. April 2016: Montag


  • Nightly Update: No new issues
  • Accounts: No issues in 30 new accounts.
  • Development:
    • Alumni lifetime email:
      • rebooted wolverine to get the new schema in place.


  • Save Groups:
    • Failure: dpm1 (the other systems the usually fail are still running.)
    • Long running: MED23 A, B, D.
  • Tapes:
    • Reclaimed 8 tapes for the vaults.
    • Relabeled 40 tapes into Scratch.
  • Issues:
    • Badlock – removed all things samba from NetWorker systems.


  • FootPrints/Abuse mail loop:
    • When the email address Footprints uses was changed last Thursday, the procmail rules for the abuse list were not updated and that caused a mail loop where everything that footprints sent out was sent right back to footprints and never to the list.
    • Updated the procmail rules to include the new email address and stopped the circular traffic


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