5. April 2016: Dienstag


  • Nightly Update: No new issues.
  • Accounts: No errors in thirty-nine (39) new accounts.
  • Issues:
    • One account with illegal email address (starts with .) fails Exchange update
      • The question is – should that account even exist anymore?
    • OpenLDAP ITS #8396:
      • Adding trace and args to logging level to try to sort out the syncprov issue.
      • Well, that’s a lot of info, but doesn’t help me.
      • Built unmodified 2.4.44 and it also fails, /sigh
      • Built unmodified 2.4.43 and it too fails. UGH!!
      • Built unmodified 2.4.42 and … no failure — just like my build
  • Development:


  • Save Groups:
    • bass failed – strange that, it was shut down yesterday. I forgot to tell myself.
    • crisdb failed again, and dpm1’s C drive continues to fail.
    • MED23’s O and M disks seem to have had their VSS errors resolved by the CoM/IS quarterly maintenance.
    • Now there is a missing file on the O drive – preventing successful backup.
      • Added “-a ignore-all-missing-system-files=yes” to backup command.
      • And that did not work. Changed it to add quotes around it (stupid, but EMC says to).
      • And (of course) that did not work either.
    • med23 was rebooted last weekend (for quarterly maintenance) – that cleared the VSS errors.
  • Clones:
    • All still running.
  • Tapes:
    • Reclaimed one (1) tape for the vaults.
  • Issues:


  • Research accounts that have strange home directories/problems moving to Exchange and recommend action.


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