24. March 2016: Thursday


  • Nightly Update:
    • BANNER started feeding College Alpha Codes – code update required
    • One Issue: Single Item Match:
      • Need HR to verify what I think I have found.
      • HR verified and I merged.
  • Accounts:
    • cn’s changed on departmental accounts, per IAM requiest
  • Issues:
    • ACL Trouble: still testing
    • Nagios LDAP_SyncRepl warnings:
      • continue even AFTER the repaving of the primary server last night
      • thought it might be related to the new rtxnsize, but now I don’t think so
      • Time to post to the OpenLDAP list and see if this is isolated to us
    • Development:
      • College Alpha Codes: Removed the ERROR message.


    • Save Groups:
      • The gang of three, plus tutortrac failed.
    • Clones:
      • TAPE stopped (not finished) at 3:58am.
    • Backup Maintenance:
      • bujbod1’s system board decided this was a good time to break.
      • IBM Responded very quickly and we were back up and running at 7:30pm
      • Still have to figure out why this system is reporting two disks it has never had are missing.
    • Issues:
      • bujbod1 hardware fault
      • Originally thought it was the M5110 raid card
      • diagnostics indicate system board failure


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