23. February 2016: Tuesday


  • Updates: No issues in last night’s update.
  • Accounts: No (0) errors in 96 new accounts.


  • Save Groups:
    • The gang of three repeats…
    • cdc03 – alias bug! DAMN YOU EMC
    • emsweb – lack of space for VSS
    • pespenilab – disk full error
  • Clones:
    • DISK finished.
  • Tapes:
    • Forty (40) tapes added to Scratch.
  • Firmware:
    • Arguing with the BOMC process to get a bootable USB.
      • I lost…
    • DOH!  mkfs.vfat is not on the system
    • logs are in /var/log/IBM_Support
      • Which clearly says mkfs.vfat is missing
      • Why couldn’t the error message have included that?
      • yum install dosfstools
    • to convert USB to one that WILL work:
      • mkdosfs -I -F 32 (like /dev/sdb)
      • Well, that didn’t work either.. had to use fdisk and create a single partition (partition #4, type b) on /dev/sdb so the bomc could format /dev/sdb4 (sigh)


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