19. February 2016: Friday


  • Updates: One Issue (Manual Merge)
    • Sent that one to IAM to deal with the customer and then work with me to merge the two accounts into the one chosen to remain.
  • Accounts: No (0) errors out of 129 new accounts.
  • Development:
      • The dev code applied an SSN change that broke the database.
        • was passing an ARRAY instead of a SCALAR, so check broke.
      • Added code to save failed updates in a single file.
      • Still need to update the code more (UGH).
      • rename_account sends old and new userids to updateMailbox


  • Save Groups: The gang of three, fail.
  • Clones: TAPE finished – all done for the week.
  • Maintenance: Made plan for Monday’s work.

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