17. February 2016: Wednesday


  • Updates: Two issues:
    • SIS non-matched entry
      • No match found… ask the registrar about this one
        • PeopleSoft needs to get the person entered, then it will work
    • Multiple CatCard IDs for a single person.
      • Hmmm… CatCard is sending multiple active codes per person?
        • There are three LDAP entries that have two active¬†barcodes each.
        • CatCard office asked about this situation.
  • Accounts: No (0) errors in 78 new accounts.
  • Development:
    • BUG: second attempt to do addEntry can also attempt to create the¬†LookAside entry in LDAP. That must not happen.


  • Save Groups: The gang of three.
  • New Clients: defined a new one for Kent.
  • Clones: DISK finished.

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