26. October 2015: Monday


  • Updates:
    • LDAP – no issues
    • ACCOUNT – no issues
    • Exchange – no issues


  • Save groups:
    • The usual failures.
  • Reclaimation:
    • Reclaimed five (5) tapes for the vaults.
  • Problems:
    • SN4’s disk full. ┬áNeed to give that more space for 4th Saturday.
    • Removed storage node 4 from the list of storage nodes for the structured biology backups – I need them to leave those tape drives alone.
  • NetWorker 9:
    • I would have to lie and tell EMC that I’m going to deploy some one of their NMM products to get access. ┬áNow, why would they do that?
  • Rubrik:
    • A round of email exchanges about TCO – I’ve shown them multiple times that they are 2x what it will cost to stay with NetWorker – why are they still talking to me???

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