22. October 2015: Thursday


  • Updates:
    • LDAP: One student employee – found, merged.
    • ACCOUNT: no issues
    • EXCHANGE: 18,268 candidates to be checked – I have to find a faster way to do this.


  • Save Groups:
    • The usual list of failures from MED23 and windowpane.
  • Clones:
    • CoM/IS working on the last 5TB.
    • Tape working on the last 6TB for 8 of 9.

Oracle Calendar:

  • IAM unable to create Calendar Account for employee.  Problem turns out to be Oracle is not able to deal with an LDAP entry that has an apostrophe in the DN.  Stupid product.  Removed apostrophe and Calendar Account created without further trouble.  Stupid Stupid product.


  • Executive Dashboard:
    • No joy.
    • Next steps:
      • Upgrade tomcat to tomcat 8 (instructions to be sent)
      • Upgrade FP to 11.6.08


  • The Sync Process is too slow.  I need a faster process…
    • Reduced ssh calls to either 0 or 1 per netid (depending on if they need their Exchange addresses updated or not).
      • Replaced the ssh to get the list of Exchange addresses with an LDAP query for proxyAddresses.
      • Removed the check for value of emailAddressPolicyEnabled.  Assume it is true and combine the setting to false with the command to update the list of email addresses.
    • Next step:
      • Write a file of commands, scp it to admin system, ssh to run it, process errors.

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