19. October 2015: Monday


  • Updates:
    • LDAP: Three issues last Friday night:
      • Found and merged all three of them.
    • ACCOUNT: no issues
    • Exchange:
      • Because so many (16,635) LDAP entries were found that needed to be updated, the Saturday and Sunday and Monday runs were all three running at the same time.  I wonder just how much trouble that caused???  Time to add a locking mechanism.
        • Lock added – /var/tmp/… file


  • Backup Maintenance Day
    • Set up serial console on stornode5.
    • Upgraded to 8.2 SP1 update 8 (
  • Save Groups
    • The usual failures.
  • Clones
    • Relabeled 40 tapes from ToBeHeld into Scratch
    • Recovered one (1) tape for the Vaults from UVM
  • Problems
    • Broken Rotary Damper in XLS replaced.
    • A tape drive went code A over the weekend and failed to reboot today.
      • Qualstar is RMA’ing it.
  • EMC Capacity License
    • Wrote code that says we have been protecting 228TB (not the 170 that EMC claims)


  • Discussed the disabled in AD after 21 days departed changes.


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