30. September 2015: Wednesday


  • LDAP Update:
    • One issue – looks like the name was entered in order reversed. ┬áMerged, created account, informed HR.
  • ACCOUNT Update:
    • No issues.
  • Development:
    • Make code that can run on Tayra/Wolverine/Ldap6Dev


  • Save Groups:
    • The usual bunch of failures
    • Two major groups still running from the weekend. ┬áThis is not good.
  • Clones:
    • Disk and CoM/IS still running
    • Tape not even started because of the long running full saves from the weekend.
  • Tape reclamation:
    • Two (2) tapes relabeled for the vaults.
  • NMC server recovered from the yum hell induced by cf-engine.
    • yum-complete-transation was failing due to db->cursor out of memory errors, reboot, complete, reboot, rebuilddb, update, reboot.
  • NetWorker hanging with REVERSE DNS lookup errors – munging /etc/hosts file to see if I can get around this.
  • NDMP for CoM/IS
    • Set up test case.
    • No connection – waiting for firewall update.

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