24. September 2015: Thursday


  • LDAP Update:
    • Four issues:
      • SSN added, now duplication found: IAM had emailed about this one – did the requested merge and asked them to lock up the how defunct account.
      • SSN added, now duplication found: This one is a long removed former student – just purging the old record.
      • New Student Employee – last name does not match the existing student. ┬áNotifying HR, but merging the data.
      • New Student Employee – no SSN: Found and merged.
  • ACCOUNT Update:
    • no issues.
  • Automation:
    • userctl.pl written for zebra – now to test before incorporating it into the management scripts.
    • World warned that the first “Stale Group Membership” email will be sent out tomorrow morning.
  • Upgrades:
    • Another replica server upgraded.


  • Problems:
    • DD690 disk failure: Seagate ST31000340NS/9QJ42NE8
      • Emailed to Park Place Tech for replacement
      • New drive on its way.
      • Ticket # 308264
    • EMC SR 74038336 – Survey about the issue
      • So, apparently, Matt decided to close the issue rather than answer my questions – So, I’ll be honest in my dissatisfaction with this entire process.
  • Save Groups:
    • The usual failures:
      • UVM NoClones Windows
  • Clones:
    • Tape clones have about 13TB left.


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