27. August 2015: Thursday


  • LDAP Update:
    • The SIS change of ID number that I manually prepped for yesterday and I figured would cause a problem – did fail – I manually did the merge this morning.
  • ACCOUNT Update:
    • No issues.
  • VPN Update:
    • No issues – the 16 that were created today are fine.


  • Save Groups:
    • Failed: windowpane…
  • Clones:
    • Tape clones continue – 13,410GB of 16,548 done.
  • Problems:
    • IBM A0945SG: UPS still can’t deliver the parts.  They claim they talked with the receiver at 10pm last night (I doubt that – nobody is at UVM at 10pm except the cleaners).  Calling IBM to get some parts delivered today.  IBM has updated the delivery address with UPS.  But will the parts arrive today?  No – IBM PROMISES that UPS will deliver the parts by 10:30 am tomorrow.

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