26. August 2015: Wednesday


  • LDAP Update:
    • Two issues:
      • Non-Authoritative SIS: found and merged.
      • update of non-existant employee: found in look-aside and updated.
    • Added a SIID to an existing record so it will be found and prevent a duplication from being created with an expected swizzle from SIS tonight.
    • Added a new pwtest account – and updated all the feed scripts to ignore it, and the update code to force it into the special “no login in AD” group.
  • ACCOUNT Update:
    • No issues.
  • VPN Update:
    • Twenty-six (26) changes – all new admit students.


  • Save Groups:
    • windowpane failed – as usual.
  • Cloning:
    • CoM/IS clones have now finished.
    • Tape clones have completed 129 of 145 SSIDs, 3775 GB out of 16548.
  • Problems:
    • IBM A0945SG:  IBM sent the parts to the wrong address.  I shall call them tomorrow to get the parts.
    • nsrstage -m does not remove all SSIDs:  Since these seem to all be BootStrap save sets – someone on the mailing list has claimed this is normal (expected, proper) behavior.  To which I say – Eh?  How so?  NetWorker has NO way to find them after it abandons them on the adv_file device.


  • Delegation for owners:  Nobody has answered my question yet.  I shall see if someone can give me an answer tomorrow.


  • Footprints addition of agent/customer status to projects of choice for “new guy”

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