24. August 2015: Monday


  • LDAP Updates:
    • No issues over the weekend.
    • Doing some development work, I discovered a missing entry in LDAP and repaired it.  I cannot find any indication that this person every caused an error, they just dropped out of LDAP at some point.
    • A cn/gecos/mail update to a departmental account requested by Identity and Account Management.
  • ACCOUNT Updates:
    • No issues over the weekend.
  • VPN Changes:
    • No issues do I find (not that I was very thorough).


  • Save Groups:
    • Failed:
      • windowpane (Surprise!  NOT)
  • Clones:
    • Disk clones started and completed.
    • Started the CoM/IS clones.
    • Waiting for the direct to tape backups to complete.
  • Problems:
    • nsrstage leaving ssids on aftds: sent email to networker mailing list – see if anyone else is seeing this behavior or not.
    • IBM A0945SG: Stornode5’s HBA:
      • HBA and Riser2 cards will be delivered tomorrow. Their failure to examine the DSA dumps provided in a timely manner does not seem to matter to them.
  • Tape Reclamation:
    • Reclaimed two (2) tapes for the vault.
  • Projects:
    • stornode5 removed as storage nodes member from all clients where it was present.


  • LDAP Group memberships:
  • mail attribute: Issue #162 – update live code tomorrow.


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