20 August 2015: Thursday


  • LDAP Update:
    • one item match, wrong surname: Could be, but I’m not positive, so I am asking for confirmation.  Got the confirmation – merged and created the account.
    • foreign national, no ssn, manual search.  found.  merged.
  • ACCOUNT Update:
    • No issues.
  • Maintenance:
    • Now that the test system is back under my control – time to get the slapd.* files back in sync with what the real replicas are using.


  • Save Groups:
    • failed:
      • windowpane – as usual.
  • Clones:
    • have finished.
  • Problems:
    • Failed HBA: A0945SG – Reported the HBA swap test outcome and uploaded a new DSA.  IBM is going to examine the upload and call me back.
    • NetWorker keeps failing to remove savesets that have been moved off AFTD by nsrstage.  I have to run around and manually clean up the mess.  This is becoming a nightmare.

VPN Change:

  • Last night’s update worked.
  • However, the one-shot update did not see if it should have grandfathered employees who are also students.  Working backward on the test server, I was able to identify 1,261 students who should have been grandfathered and were not.  Blast, I hate it when I work something fast and overlook some detail like that.


  • Daily update of exchange addresses failed.
  • Ah – the SSH key changed for the target system.  Updated that and all is better.

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