30 June 2015: Tuesday


  • LDAP Update: two issues
    • Employee – no ssn – found and merged.
    • Employee – surname miss – could be a typo – checking.
  • ACCOUNT Update: no issues


  • Save Groups:
    • windowpane E:\ failed as usual.
  • Clones
  • Problems:
    • SR72201996:  Retrieved the newest nsrget (from 2013 – and the same version I already had) and ran it on the server, storage node, and client for the scanner is stupid problem.


  • Executive Dashboard:  Nothing from BMC


  • ssh from rottweiler – Geoff performed magic and it works! YAY… now, I have to figure out how to make it work…


  • Need to recover a deleted calendar because, well, it should not have been deleted.  Request came in late and the first attempt came up empty.  Need to try again tomorrow (or later tonight).


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