26 June 2015: Friday


  • LDAP Update: No issues.
  • ACCOUNT Update: No issues.


  • DD690 Offload:
    • Finished¬†clearing off Indexes.001
    • Mounted that empty aftd on stornode5 so it would have an nsrmmd again (nagios)
  • Save Groups:
    • Windowpane E:\ – as per usual.


  • Executive Dashboard Issue:
    • Two hours on the phone – lots of things tried:
      • Multiple runs of ConfigureTomcat.pl, editing of httpd conf (footprints.conf), tomcat config (server.xml) as well as direct manipulation of values in the Footprints MySQL database (FPGenericConfigTable where mrService like ‘Executive%’).
      • Finally did java -version (“Oh! 1.7 – that could be our problem”) and took the catalina.out file [note: Footprints documentation says it needs 1.6]


  • Attempted to set up my S/MIME encryption key – I failed. ¬†Too many differences from the 2011 and the 2016 versions of Outlook and the inability to deal with a pkcs12 certificate (that is not correct for the test email anyway).


  • Am able to get a Kerberos ticket from the test realm, and the ssh port is open on the test server, but I am not able to ssh to the test server with the kerberos ticket.
  • Error:
    • Unspecified GSS failure. Minor code may provide more information
    • Server not found in Kerberos database


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