24 June 2015: Wednesday


  • LDAP Update: no issues.
  • Account Update: no issues.


  • Clones – as per usual for third weekend – all done.
  • I removed “index” from the list of savesets that are legal on the UVM Indexes media pool again yesterday and again the NetWorker server backup group failed because that is the only pool that is directly accessible to the NetWorker server.  Will I ever really learn this fact?
  • Failures:
    • windowpane E:\ – as per usual.
    • med6002 I:\ – med60b is not properly defined???
      • That is one of the ones that I deleted a while ago because it had no backups.  I have re-created it and restarted the backup.  Which now ran just fine.
  • New (NFS/XFS) index media pool member set up on NetWorker server – staging process created to keep it down to a dull roar.  And woops – I messed up the config file and set the multiple copies of the lock filename to different values – that caused a couple of interesting wrinkles!


  • Applied – 20 minutes process time – extra 15 for nagios to figure out everything was fine.


  • Executive Dashboard: Uhm – nobody called.  Oops?


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