23 June 2015: Tuesday


  • LDAP Update: No issues
  • ACCOUNT Update: No issues


  • Standard E:\ disk failure on windowpane – no other failures last night (WHAT!???)
  • XLS Drive issue:
    • SN9’s *A3141 is B001T03H (not communicating)
    • SN5’s *4670E is B001T04H (will use for easter egg process)
    • Oops – when I disabled *4670E, I caused a nagios page!
    • Arriving on scene – found link up at both ends of the cable.  Powered off the drive, reseated both ends of the cable, powered on the drive – it works.  I assume one of the nsrmmd crashes caused the drive to go into a weird state and the power cycle of the drive was sufficient.  NetWorker had disabled the drive on June 11 – and I saved the message but never fixed the drive – guess I’ve been sicker than I thought.
  • Clones started.
    • COM/IS clones finished.
    • Tape clones finished.
  • Added “bootstrap” disk to bujbod2 and mounted it on ozzie.  Will experiment with using it tomorrow.


  • B1 3750 cables all moved.
  • Contacted NS about removing it from the network and if they have a use for it.


  • Defined a new printer (a new Canon model: ImageClass MF216n) for the Registrar’s Office.


  • New patch ( released.  Looks like self-service code fixes.


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