22 June 2015 – Monday


  • LDAP Update: No issues over the weekend
  • ACCOUNT Update: No issues over the weekend
  • Duplicate NetID due to lack of SSN – merged and repaired.


  • SR 71215302 – nsrexecd crashed and took out the weekend full backups again on Friday night at 23:44.  Got most of them recovered – but EMC is still “waiting for engineering”. Time to use some gasoline.
    • I made one (major) mistake – I started the COMIS MED23 D group in full mode.  It ran the weekend before and I should not have run it as a FULL.  It may impact my ability to do my monthly maintenance today.  And then I hit the wrong key sequence with the window having focus and killed it 🙁
    • Called EMC – spoke with Duty Manager (Manour) – she will “do her best” to get pressure on Engineering, and daily updates from Jerrod, starting with a call back this morning.
  • Problems with the DNS servers over the weekend.  And this morning one of them was refusing to backup.  Hmmm…  Found nsrexecd was not running – started it and kicked off a makeup savegrp.  Notified team.
  • Backup Maintenance:
    • After consulting with NetWorker mailing list – upgraded ozzie and friends to as it is reported to be a much more stable release
    • Added ozzie to the VLAN3601 so it can start using disk off bujbod2 to replace the DD690 storage.
    • bujbod2 still fails to start nfs-server.service at boot.
    • stornode9 drive *a3141 seems to be having trouble – more work required tomorrow – stornode9 cannot see the device !!!!
  • SR 72201996 – scanner open file limit
    • Standard first pass call back – you are running the command wrong…
    • Standard second pass – nsrget the world – will do that tomorrow.


  • Executive Dashboard – BMC person has no time this morning – will call at 2pm on Wednesday.


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