19 June 2015: Friday


  • LDAP Update: One issue (different name)
    • Found, merged, added account.
  • ACCOUNT Update: no issues


  • One client decided to not backup.  We’ll see if it remains an issue or if it was just an unfortunately timed reboot.  I can’t contact it (NetWorker wise) this morning – emailed the admins.
  • One tape reclaimed for the vault.
  • scanner (Release:; Build architecture: linux86w) is discovered to not be smart enough to close files (SSIDs) it has finished processing on adv_file devices.  /sigh


  • Enabled Customers to Auto-Add themselves.  They are automatically placed into three workspaces.  They are required to select which workspace they wish to be signed into [hopefully they will be able to determine from the names] and they are not allowed to browse knowledgebase articles after they have signed out.


  • minimal progress on getting the script working 🙁


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