16 June 2015: Tuesday


  • LDAP Update: one (1) issue
    • New employee – former student – different last name.  Found, merged, account created. FS Kerberos updated.
  • ACCOUNT Update: no issues


  • Tape and CoM/IS clones completed.  Disk Clones continue.
  • CoM/IS a client failed.
  • Reclaimed four (4) tapes for the vault.
  • SR71943244 – webex to see recover on zebra and zebra client definition.


  • Sent out the rest of the messages about VPN accounts that were not used in the past year.
  • Permission back to remove twelve (12), keep three (3), and two (2) not yet responded.
  • Purged three (3) that Lynne told us were no longer active.


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