29 May 2015: Friday


  • LDAP Update: Two (2) 1-item-match issues.
    1. This one appears to be a data entry error the existing LDAP entry is completely different from the new employee data.  Contacting Payroll about this one.
    2. The last name is the same, but is now entered with spaces where it was not in the past.  Merging, creating account.
  • Account Update: no issues.


  • Clones continue – will have to nuke them again this week.
  • CoM/IS’ groups continue to have issues with something – no clear picture of what.
  • Reclaimed three (3) tapes from UVM pool for the Vaults.
  • Tape Movement:
    • 223 tapes to the vault.
    • 160 tapes from the vault.
    • Started the relabel process for the 160 that came back.


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