28 May 2015: Thursday


  • LDAP Update: one (1) issue – single item match:
    • It was an old purged ou=people (non-banner) entry.  Removed it, and reset the OSP feed to see this as new tonight.
  • ACCOUNT Update: no issues.
  • Development Server SSL certificate woes were caused by selinux.  Needed to use “fixfiles” (actually, I did the direct chcon) and it should have fixed them.  For future reference:
    • main: TLS init def ctx failed: -1
      • That error message means that slapd cannot read the TLS certificate files.


  • CoM/IS and Disk clones continue.
  • Tape backups from the weekend finished overnight – clones can start, and then they finished.
  • bujbod2’s disks are working as expected.
  • Testing my theory about the problem with save.
    • I can’t build a directory tree that is deep enough to cause trouble.  I keep getting filesystem full errors (although there is space left) trying to build the thing.
  • SR71622710 – EMC never assigned it.  A SEV1 and they never touched it until I called back in 24 hours after it was queued.  Yeesh!
    • EMC’s response was that I need to increase the stack space (ulimit -s) for all processes on the system by 10K steps until save stops getting segmentation faults.  That was the solution for 7.6 – this is 8.2 — why is save still doing such a stupid thing?


  • Figuring out how to import PINE addressbook.
  • Trying to figure out which procmail filters were not translated and why.


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