26 May 2015: Tuesday


  • Nightly LDAP Update: One issue over the long weekend.  A one item match with the wrong last name.
    • OSP requested to contact and verify what I found. OSP verified. LDAP updated, account created, former student kerberos updated.
  • Daily Account Update: No issues.


  • CoM/IS and Tape backups continue with their long running saves that hit this past weekend.
  • Disk clones started.
  • Trying to figure out the quota issue with the bujbod2 mount on stornode3.
    • Harumph!  This is what happens when you put critical XFS information into /etc/project instead of the correct file (/etc/projects).  It is fixed.
  • Two (2) CoM/IS groups and one (1) SAA group failed over the long weekend.


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