20 May 2015: Wednesday


  • Nightly LDAP update: 1 issue – a student, employee – found, merged.
  • Daily ACCOUNT update: no issues


  • CoM/IS and Disk clones continue.
  • SB backups still having a failure.  Pinging the Admin again – to see what the issue is.
  • New fileserver failed to backup.  Informing the admin that it was not ready. Ah – the firewall was configured but not activated, so no traffic.
  • CoM/IS system having another SQL backup failure.  Pinging the admins.
  • bujbod2:
    • selinux: Put it back in enforcing mode – no audit found failures in the past two weeks and immediately found failures.  Eventually got the right set of greps (5 passes) to get everything permitted.
    • nfs server: for some reason – you have to “systemctl enable nfs-server” as well as “systemctl enable nfs” to get the nfs server to start at boot, but you only have to “systemctl start nfs” to get it all running after the system is up. Eh?
    • More perf testing… darn this stuff takes a long time!


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