18 May 2015: Monday


  • One issue over the weekend: Found the student and merged the new employee info in.
  • No problems in the daily ACCOUNT updates.


  • Unexpected backup failures – admins notified.
  • bujbod2 check_raid script updated to properly catch consistency checks and not send false positive reports.
  • bujbod2 – power supply loss of power is not reflected in the check_raid process at all.  Seems it is deficient.  I will need to talk with Kent about the design of this darned thing.
  • bujbod2 – 9:18 (V1:PD19) is again showing a red failure light, and 8:22 (GHSP) is again blinking.  Contacting AMS for suggestions.
    • AMS suggests reboot.
    • I powered down (shutdown -h) the bujbod2 system
    • powered off (held power button) the jbod
    • powered on the jbod
    • waited (multiple minutes, 5?)
    • booted bujbod2 – XFS says the filesystem on the jbod is corrupt.
    • Ouch.
    • xfs_repair did not find anything that needed fixing.
    • Turns out one of my options for mounting the XFS system was not good.


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