15 May 2015: Friday


  • Patched up three issues from Wednesday night and modifications to those same entries from Thursday night in the LDAP update issues field.
  • No issues in the ACCOUNT update the past two mornings.
  • Update mail alias for Account Services


  • Notified an admin that his system is not backing up.  Asking if he has shut it down or if it is just on holiday.
  • The ZFS issue from the disk that failed and was not discovered until I returned from vacation has finally resolved itself (the new disk has been re-silvered, taking its place in the pool and the spare is back as a spare).
  • Reclaimed two (2) tapes for the vaults.
  • Replaced the failed drive in JBOD2.  Instead of needing to set it as the HSP – it went into “CopyBack” mode.  Now, I need to wait for the rebuild to complete.  Interesting how MegaCLI hides that info from you.


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