23 April 2015: Thursday


  • No issues in last night’s LDAP update.
  • No issues in this morning’s ACCOUNT update.


  • No unexpected failures overnight.
  • NW seems to be losing even more ssids on disk which it knows should not be there, but it is unable to remove with nsrstage -C -V [volume].
  • bujbod2 configuration proceeds
    • selinux in permissive mode so things work while I figure out the policy issues.
    • working out how to work with XFS quotas.


  • selinux policy conflicts for monitoring (nrpe) and configuration (cfengine).
    • semodule -RD : This is (-R) reloads the existing policy and (-D) turns off the audit log blocks so ALL failures are logged and we can generate a proper selinux.pp with audit2allow.


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