20 April 2015: Monday


  • No issues in the nightly LDAP update over the weekend.
  • No issues in the morning ACCOUNT update over the weekend.


  • DD SR 70755774 – someone finally called back at 4:15pm (after I had left for the day) and was focused on the bundle upload issue – not the certificate problem.  EMC updated the SR that they’d call me at 11am.  I called them at 11:45.  Turns out the guy that was working the issue appears to have not shown up for work today (sick?).  Requeued and waiting for callback.
    • Rebooted DD690 and Ozzie – still cannot read the /ddvar directory over the nfs mount.  Yeesh.
    • Guess what…
      • there’s a bug with DDOS, an NFS mounted /ddvar directory that you perform an “ls” command it – immediately becomes stale.  You can’t use ls (or tab completion) to find files.  You have to KNOW the file name.  You can also cheat and use “echo *” to get a psuedo-ls output.
  • Two systems (print servers) left with “I don’t wanna talk to you” errors.
  • One Windows system that was being upgraded and the NetWorker client is now missing the C disk in the backup.
  • One Windows system that now that it will talk to the NetWorker server is failing to back up its E disk again.
  • Backup Maintenance Day.


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