17 April 2015: Friday


  • No issues in the LDAP update last night.
  • No issues in the ACCOUNT update this morning.


  • Thirty (30) windows systems refuse to let our networker server back them up this morning.  This has turned into a real mess.
  • SR 66027568: DD Compression failure – want a support bundle.  I can’t provide it because I can’t get access to the /ddvar directory (nfs stale file handle problem — from the dd690 nfs server!)
  • The dd690 does not like its own certificate.  I think it may have died and forgot to tell us.  Opened SR 70755774 as a Sev2 – we’ll see if it actually gets a call back today.  Nope – no callback before it was time to go.


  • cfengine – looks like our config was messed up quite some time ago.  Instead of trying to figure out how long ago it got hosed, I shall attempt to move it forward and figure out how to use the new service management provided in the cfengine_stdlib.cf file.


  • Tracking down a failure to append issue for an end user.


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