16 April 2015: Thursday


  • No issues in LDAP update.
  • No issues in ACCOUNT update.


  • Disk clones finished up at 3am this morning.
  • A change I made to start removing DD690 attachments yesterday caused the bootstrap to fail to run.  Oops.  The bootstrap device HAS (I mean, *H*A*S*) to be directly attached to the NetWorker server, not a storage node.
  • Still having issues with lots of Windows clients that refuse to let our NetWorker server back them up.  Damn this security fix right behind being pushed out and EMC’s stupid way of setting up Windows packages so that the windows updater thinks the and .msi files are the same version.
  • Updated the SR66570742 audit_compliance code to include the NW Volume name for things that should be on the AFTD miss report line.


  • Preliminary systemd support added to cfengine.


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