26 March 2015: Thursday


  • No issues in the nightly LDAP update.
  • No issues in the daily Account update.


  • The J:\ of winfiles2 was successful and failed.  Way to go, EMC!
  • Reclaimed one tape to the Scratch/Vault pool.


  • Apparently no good dead goes unpunished, as a complaint is received about the new code put in place for checking active/closed issues.


  • EMC released two advisories – RSA and NW
    • SecurID appliances updated to
    • Put NW into the Linux YUM repos.
    • Upgraded “zoo” to and verified the three recover commands all work (for me).


  • Yup… that application landed back in my lap.  I should have stayed out of it yesterday.
  • RHEL 7.1 – are we or are we not licensed – does anyone know?


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