18 March 2015: Wednesday


  • No issues in nightly update.
  • Account Update change was positive – no errors were missed (manually reviewed the log file).
  • New entitlements assigned to AccSvcs tech.


  • Tape and CoM/IS clones completed.
  • Disk clones have about 14TB going (they appear to have fallen far enough behind that the SSIDs being cloned are on tape now).
  • Working on reclaiming scratch tapes that have been grabbed by other pools.
    • Thirty-three (33) reclaimed from the expired tapes in the UVM pool.
    • Thirteen (13) reclaimed from the expired tapes in the PeopleSoft Tape pool.
    • Will run this thing daily for a while… it is set to run at 6:15am daily (dry run mode) via Cron.


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