17 March 2015: Tuesday


  • No Issues in the overnight update.
  • Received complaints that the “lifetime email forwarding” message had come back.  Damn.  I forgot it had gone away and the copy I used from the development system (that I thought I had copied from the production system) was not current in my last update to add the warning after someone has been gone for a month.  Fixed and apology sent.
  • Changed the way the nightly Account creation is run, so the log of what was done is saved on Rottweiler and only the summary and errors are mailed out.
  • New employee had old account disabled reasons hanging around – fixed.


  • started clones.
  • Received a vague request to hold backup tapes for one group because of an audit – details requested.  Got details.  Marked 40 tapes to not be recycled (and replaced them with tapes from the email tape pool that have expired and were going to be returned to the scratch pool).
  • CoM/IS requested changes to save groups confirmed and implemented.
  • Reclaimed sixty-two (62) tapes from the email tape pool back into the scratch pool.


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