11 March 2015: Wednesday


  • One issue.  A Graduate Student from is now an employee.  Found the student and merged the information.
  • Oh No!  The AD update process died last night because the LDAP update process finished too early and the existing state files had not been generated yet (they are not ready until 8:40 pm and the process attempted to retrieve them at 8:38 pm).


  • Tape and CoM/IS clones completed.  Disk Clones continue (15TB left to go).
  • CoM/IS backup groups were a disaster zone last night.


  • BMC 342136 (Agents Touched By Agent) – Got new code and a widget definition from BMC.  Have installed that code, and I am not seeing any results from using the Dashboard Widget I was told to create.  Asking for further discussion.


  • Reload the test calendar server.
  • Update the AD feed process.


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