4 March 2015: Wednesday


  • No Issues
  • Monthly Automated Account Purge Process (MAAPP) scripts updated to send a warning message soon after the person departs.
  • ACL issue discovered and repaired (locked down entries were so locked down the individual could not see their own information).


  • Tape clones are finished.  CoM/IS clones are almost finished (working on the last 7T).  Disk clones have 18T left to go.
  • New client added.
  • SR 66570742 – AFTD Percentage Used – EMC confirms the hotfix I was given is the patch ported to   Now, I need to get it onto the production systems and in use.
  • DD compression (SR’s 66027568 and 66847046) is much worse today after having been mounted on stornode5 for a day and a half.


  • part of the ghost hunting team



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