3 March 2015: Tuesday



  • No Issues.
  • Work on coding some improvements to the monthly purge process.


  • Long running full saves from the weekend, continue.
  • Data Domain *compression* ratio dropped – but not enough to be certain it is the path issue.
  • Started the weekly clones.  I hope that the two long running full saves from the weekend are close enough to done that this is safe.


  • Duplicate RPMs on a system – looks like cfengine/yum caused it???  No.  cfengine/yum were the victims of SELINUX and Red Hat’s deficient cfengine.pp rule set.  Did the following to fix it:
    • grep cfengine /var/log/audit/audit.log | audit2allow -M cfengine-bash
    • semodule -i cfengine-bash
  • Updated the selinux wiki page with the re-discovered knowledge to prevent it being lost again.


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