26 February 2015: Thursday


  • Issue – one item match, wrong surname: Uhm… I think the name got put into the OSP database backwards…  Confirmed.  I have removed the entry and we will let nature take its course.


  • Clones: all done for this week.
  • SR66570742 – rework the script so the messy data gathering is not included.
  • Cleaned up the 626 index:xxx SSIDs that do not really exist.  Fortunately, all of them are over three years old.
  • SR 66027568/6847046 – ran the tests having the data written from sn5-sn9.


  • Dealing with mail-reply-loops from three other Footprints systems (one in the states and two in Canada).
  • BMC Issue 342136 – netid search – asked if there was any further progress in finding an answer
  • BMC Issue 348319 – CARP server error – BMC response confirmed what I already knew – the form is sending garbage.  David fixed that copy of the form last night.  So, I thanked BMC and told them to close the issue.  I just hope that there are no more copies of the old form hanging around.


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