23 February 2015: Monday


  • No issues over the weekend.  🙂
  • Working on the account rename routine updates for the new Luminis version.


  • Maintenance day.
  • EMC SR 66570742 – No response from EMC at all.  Time to call in.
    • So – no update today.  Duty Manager is going to chase down the tech and his manager to see about getting a response.
    • Got email from Eric who is taking over as the Tech.  The fix is declared working and is included in the release.  Of course, I have just put on a hotfix in for the persistent binding issue, so I can’t jump to
  • EMC SR 64026734 – I misunderstood.  The error is still supposed to be issued (and shows up in the Log on NMC) but not cause an Alert (and it does not).  YAY.  Put the hotfix into production.


  • Should I talk with people about webauth or just do it?


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