18 February 2015: Wednesday


  • One Issue:  New student employee — found it, merged it.


  • Tape clones completed.
  • Two tape drives had multiple short writes.  Taking dumps and sending in reports.
    • sn4 – 50050763120411D4 – 1310106436 – sn0
    • sn10 – 500507631204094D – 1310143668 – sn0
    • Dumps taken and sent to Qualstar for analysis.
    • Qualstar finds nothing wrong.  Performing read/write test.
  • EMC SR66027568/66847046 (DD Compression):  Wrote the three files across the network from 5 to 9 to dd and reported the compression ratio to EMC.  Asked if there was anything else they wanted before I deleted and cleaned (and did the 5 to dd step).


  • BMC closed the issue we had opened (342136) even though we reported that the patch did not apply.  So, I opened a new one (347278) and referenced 342136 and the fact that FULLTEXT_INDEX is not completely disabled and we still need the patch.
    • I wonder how long it will take for BMC to realize that the problem was the filename of the patch they gave me?  I renamed it to end with .pm.zip instead of .pm_20150212141640.zip and suddenly MRpatch.pl likes it.


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